Another Grass Fire Burning at Southwest Miami-Dade Park

A grass fire was smouldering in Southwest Miami-Dade Wednesday night. It's the third fire in less than a month at the Larry and Penny Thompson Park.

"It's kind of scary how close it was," said Mark Garcia who lives in area.

The first fire was on May 20th. Then another on May 30th, which Florida Forest Service officials said was arson. The main clue was how the blaze had five different starting points.

Wednesday evening's fire burned at least 15 acres in an area of heavy brush which could mean real danger for people who live in the area.

"Today it got kind of dark... besides the ashes and the smell it was a little spooky," Garcia said.

Officials have not confirmed rumors of a possible serial arsonist, but Garcia said that talk is spreading among neighbors.

"My sister-in-law did think... she heard rumors that it might have been arson," he said. "Especially here in a state park... in a quiet area, it is kind of scary."

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