Another Horse Carcass Found in Miami-Dade Stable

Police are still have few clues on who is killing Miami-Dade horses

It's an all too frequent sight for horse owners in Miami-Dade County.

A once frolicking animal found, tied to a post with its throat sliced and evidence of chunks of flesh carved out. The 20th slaughtered horse was found Wednesday near a home in rural Miami-Dade, leaving police and horse owners still wondering who could pull off such heinous acts.

The most recent victim, Kinkisi, was found with two of its legs chopped off.

"A thief in the night snuck in, took this horse out of its stall, slaughtered it by slashing its throat," said Jeanette Gordon, president of the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She has arrived to see the aftermath of many of the bloody scenes.

Overnight ranch and barn watches have been set up by concerned horse owners to try and catch the culprits, but have yielded little to no results. The reward for information leading to the capture is at $22,000, and will likely climb with Kinkisi's death. The horse was destined to be a race horse, its owner said.

Police think the motive for the killings across South Florida is to feed the black market horse meat market. Horse meat can sell for $20 a pound but is illegal to sell in the United States.

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