Donald Trump

Political Rally Held on University of Miami Campus

Students at the University of Miami gathered for a political rally Thursday.

Instead of focusing their energy against President-elect Trump like many protests we've seen up until this point, the students were trying to bring people together regardless of their political affiliations to kick start a discussion on the issues.

The students were clearly against what they call "hate-filled" proposals Donald Trump has proposed in the past, including building a wall at the border with Mexico, deporting undocumented people, but they don't want to alienate Trump supporters along the way.

"This isn't an anti-Trump protest, it's more of a pro-love rally. We just want to make sure everyone on campus and in our country feels like they belong and feels like they're loved and they know people out here care for them and for their rights," organizer Calvin Chappelle said.

Students marched through campus for about an hour relaying their message. They've named themselves "Moving Forward."

And they're not done. They plan to host a candlelight event later Thursday outside Richter Library at 6 p.m.

On Wednesday, FIU and Miami-Dade College held their own protests by staging a walk out pushing for sanctuary campuses.

They are speaking out against deportation, discrimination, violence and racism.

Dozens of students also walked out of Homestead and South-Dade high schools Wednesday to bring awareness about undocumented students and workers in South Florida.

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