Appliance Rebate Program Starts Monday

On Monday, anyone who purchases an Energy Star-Qualified appliance will be able to apply for a rebate from the county

Starting Monday, anyone in South Florida who buys an Energy Star-qualified appliance between September 26th and October 10th can apply for a rebate from both Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Miami-Dade county is offering $200 for refrigerators and $150 for washing machines, while Broward county will give $150-$250 for refrigerators and $150 for washers.

"We're recyclers," said shopper Greg Benigno. "We look to conserve and obviously you wanna keep your energy bills down. And I think the appliances made nowadays are more effective along with being efficient. so we definitely you know, the way they're designed like the LED lights instead of incandescent."

Greg Benigno and his wife don't need a refrigerator or washer now, but they came to look around anyway.

"It's no difference in look or appeal, obviously the refrigerators now look a lot different than they did 15 years ago," said Sears store manager Mike Willis.

The program is first come, first serve as each county has a limited amount of money for the rebate program.

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