Arby's Fires Manager, Suspends Employee After Police Controversy

Two South Florida Arby’s employees were disciplined after a police officer said she was refused service at the restaurant.

The chain confirmed to NBC 6 on Thursday it fired restaurant manager, Angel Mirabal, and indefinitely suspended the clerk, Kenneth Davenport.

Sgt. Jennifer Martin of Pembroke Pines Police Department said Davenport seemed rude when she placed her order at the drive-thru, according to an incident report. When she pulled up to the drive-thru window, Mirabal told her Davenport didn’t want to serve her because she was a police officer.

Davenport was forced to process her credit card before Mirabel handed Martin her order. He told NBC News it was a joke. 

In a statement issued on Thursday, Arby’s CEO, Paul Brown, apologized and offered free meals to all police officers in the Miami area following the incident.

"As a show of our appreciation and support, this Friday, September 4 we invite you to visit any of our restaurants in the Dade-Broward metro area to receive a free combo meal of your choice. Simply show up in uniform to receive your free meal compliments of your friends at Arby's."

In another statement issued on Friday, Brown clarified the company's position following the incident:

“As a result of our thorough investigation, we have terminated the manager and placed the crew member on temporary paid leave. This was a complex and difficult decision, but as a company that highly values trust and fairness, we ultimately found that the crew member was not involved other than to attempt to remedy the situation. We have reviewed our process and decision with the Pembroke Pines Police Department who made it clear they consider the case closed. Arby’s has a long tradition of championing the police in our communities across America and we look forward to continue to support and serve our law enforcement officials.”

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