Archaeologists Resume Search for Graves at Deerfield Beach Development Site

Archaeologists resumed their search for graves at a Deerfield Beach site where a human skull and coffin fragments were discovered earlier this month.

South Florida archaeologist Bob Carr continued his study of the Village Park Development site, where 69 townhomes are set for construction. The skull and fragments were found on June 5 and are believed to be associated with an old cemetery that was on a part of the land.

Before construction began, landowner Rob Kassab voluntarily conducted the study, which found 184 anomalies using high-tech ground penetrating radar. The remains were found when crews shovel-tested the 63rd anomaly.

The plan now includes hiring a licensed funeral director to "respectably relocate and re-inter any human remains that might be uncovered to nearby Pineview Cemetery" or another cemetery, Kassab said in a statement.

"We are pleased to resume our testing so that we and the entire community can hopefully, once and for all, learn exactly what is actually here on this site so we can then take the appropriate next steps," Kassab said. "We also continue to cooperate with the State of Florida's archaeologist to provide them with information they need. We have been open and transparent throughout this entire process and will continue to be going forward."

The study is expected to take several more weeks.

Last month, the state discovered at least 65 bodies buried beside I-95 near Sunrise Boulevard in Broward County in what are believed to have been unmarked graves that were paved over when the highway was originally built.

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