Armed Robbery at Coral Springs T-Mobile Caught on Video

Police looking for two men and a woman behind phone store robbery

Authorities are looking for a trio of armed robbery suspects caught on video ripping off a Coral Springs cell phone store, police said Monday.

The robbery happened Jan. 17 at the T-Mobile store at 1327 N. University Drive when a man, posing as a customer with a woman, pulled out a handgun and ordered the employee to the back of the store, Coral Springs Police said.

A second man entered the store and went to the back room, where he restrained the employees with zip ties, police said.

The three suspects took about 25 Samsung Galaxy 3S cell phones and money and fled the store, police said. They also damaged and stole parts of the store's video surveillance equipment, police said.

"You can see they're not really in a hurry. They had a plan.They're on their phones talking to someone outside the store. There was no real panic on the part of the robbers. It was a well-thought out plan," said Sgt. Brad McKeone, of the Coral Springs Police. "They were cool, calm, and collected and moved through the store pretty well."

"They tied the two employees up with flex cuffs on theird hands, and then they exited the store," he sad.

Anyone with information is asked to call Coral Springs Police at 954-346-1262.

"On the black market or on Craigslist you can purchase them for $200, $300. So at the same time, buyer beware. If you're on Craigslist or one of these unmonitored websites where you can sell whatever you want, you may be buying a stolen cell phone. When you go to hook it up, it'll be worth nothing and you're out $200," said McKeone.

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