Arraignment for Teen Accused of Killing Rabbi in North Miami Beach

A 15-year-old murder suspect got emotional during his arraignment Monday. The teen is accused of fatally stabbing a rabbi in broad daylight on the Sabbath.

Deandre Charles pleaded not guilty to killing Rabbi Joseph Raksin last year in an attempted robbery. The rabbi was walking to a temple in North Miami Beach when he was shot to death.

The rabbi's daughter and son-in-law were in court for Monday's hearing, as well as the defendant's family and friends.

"Right now, Mr. Charles is sitting in jail not having a clue as to what evidence they have against him and that's unfortunate," said Adam Goodman, defense attorney.

The defense maintains prosecutors aren't releasing much information to them to set up their case, like reports of DNA evidence and eyewitness testimony to the fatal shooting.

"No one knows anything other than, again, the indictment has been filed and the indictment is just charges," Goodman said.

Rabbi Raksin was visiting from Brooklyn. He wasn't carrying any money or valuables as dictated by his religion on the Sabbath.

The Orthodox Jewish community pulled together and raised $50,000 as a reward leading to an arrest. Detectives arrested Charles last Wednesday after a grand jury indicted him on first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery.

Attorneys will be back in court Tuesday to continue talking about the release of evidence and a witness list for the defense. This case is set to go to trial on Feb. 8.

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