Taco Bell Manager Killed By Former Employee: Police

20-year-old man charged with murdering loyal employee during robbery

A 20-year-old man has been charged in the gruesome murder of a Taco Bell manager who was found dead inside the Oakland Park restaurant by co-workers.

Karari Ritchie is being held in a Broward County jail, accused of murdering 39-year-old Tikkitress Johnson during an early morning robbery on Monday, according to the Sun-Sentinel. Ritchie was arrested yesterday at his family's home in Lauderhill.

Ritchie told authorities he had to kill Johnson because she would be able to identify him. Ritchie once worked at a local Taco Bell. Johnson was a 20-year employee of Taco Bell and mother of three. She supervised Ritchie at the Oakland Park restaurant for about a year, BSO Sheriff Al Lamberti said.

Johnson died from multiple stab wounds.

Police had been looking for two men who they say may have been posing as prospective employees to get into the restaurant. The other suspect is still at large.

Ritchie's family was hoping Ritchie's arrest was just a misunderstanding.

"I just don't believe that he would do such a crime," Ritchie's brother, Damian Maylor, told the Sun-Sentinel. "I just want it to be cleared up, and get the facts straight."

Ritchie told detectives that he planned to rob and kill Johnson from the outset and that it was not a robbery gone wrong. A Broward judge ordered him held in jail without bond on first-degree murder charges.

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