Arrest Warrant Issued for Miami-Dade Inmate Released From Jail By Mistake

A judge issued an arrest warrant Thursday for a 52-year-old inmate who had been mistakenly released from jail in Miami-Dade.

Eduardo Cabana was freed “in error" on Monday, the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department said.

Cabana was in jail on multiple charges, including obstruction by a disguised person, shooting or throwing a deadly missile and criminal mischief. He was also being held without bond on a probation warrant, records show.

At bond court Thursday, Cabana's public defender pleaded with the judge, asking that he be given an extra day out of custody so he could arrange for someone to care for his possessions, including his dog.

A spokesperson from Miami-Dade Corrections said the department had contacted Cabana, and he had not followed through with their agreement that he'd turn himself in by 6 p.m Wednesday.

Omara appeared on the Zoom call briefly before getting disconnected.

"It's now Thursday, I'm issuing an arrest warrant, because he has not surrendered per his agreement," the judge concluded.

Corrections department officials have said they're conducting an internal investigation to find out what went wrong with Omara's release.

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