Arrests Made in South Beach Resort Murder

Two people are currently in custody connected to a weekend shooting

Miami Beach police announced Thursday that they have made two arrests in connection with a shooting that evacuated a South Beach resort and left a Russian national dead over the weekend.

Police said Duran Reed and Turaine Burges went to the Russian tourists' hotel room at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa on Saturday night and opened fire Roman Gubanov and his friend over a bad drug deal.

Reed was trying to rip the Russians off and also used pepper spray on the victims. The two suspects robbed the Russians of $500 in cash and a camera. When Gubanov tried to stop the two men from leaving the room and grabbed a whiskey bottle, Andrey Orrov, the other Russian in the room, told police.

Reed pulled a gun and shot Gubanov in the torso and the suspects fled down the back stairwell of the resort.

The Miami Herald and CBS 4 reported that the shooting was over prostitutes and a pimp. Police said that was not true.

Burgess is currently in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself.

Over 1,000 guests were rushed out of the hotel because of the strange smell, including the prime minister of Belize.

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