Art Basel: “Gator in the Bay” Gets a Tail

The "Gator in the Bay" has a new look.

A giant gator head has been floating in the bay at the Miami Yacht Club off Watson Island since Monday – and on Friday the artistic animal was completed as a team added a tail.

The body of the gator, which is one of the biggest attractions at Art Basel, can best be seen from above the water. The tail is made from floating art tiles, each of which contains thousands of pictures of wildlife from the Florida Everglades. They were shot by artist Lloyd Goradesky, who is working to raise awareness about the Everglades.

“And the message is to save our community. So when I say save the Everglades, that’s sort of synonymous with save our water, save our community, and not just isolated to the national park,” said Goradesky, who grew up in Miami.

The head of the gator is made of all recycled materials.

The four-year project, which cost about $1 million, is the work of about 300 people.

Goradesky has received tremendous support from the community, and said he is very appreciative of that.

The Gator in the Bay will be on display at the Miami Yacht Club on Watson Island all weekend.

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