As Vaccine Demand Outstrips Capacity, Many Can Only Wait

Cleveland Clinic's Weston hospital has reached its COVID-19 vaccine supply limit and, like Broward Health, has ceased offering appointments to patients for the time being.

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David Cohen was excited to hear Cleveland Clinic was going to offer vaccines for people, like him, over 65.

So he started calling as early as possible, to no avail.

"According to my phone, I made over 200 attempts to get through," Cohen said. "I got a busy signal on all but two of them. And those two times the recording stated the obvious, that 'we can't take your call because of call volume.'"

Thursday, the Clinic announced it could not take any more appointments.

Wednesday morning "our appointment call centers have experienced a high volume of calls," a press release from the hospital read. Thursday, "Cleveland Clinic’s Weston hospital reached its vaccine supply limit and has suspended scheduling patients."

The hospital said it has already scheduled 2,200 vaccinations for the upcoming week and appointments will become available again when the doses are back in supply.

It said it was working with the state to obtain more doses by "early next week" and promised updated information should be available on Cleveland Clinic's website.

"We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work toward vaccinating as many people as possible," the statement read.

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