AskMen Ranks Miami 3rd for ‘Mancations'

Site says the Magic City is top manly vacation spot in the country

New York came in just behind Miami and London. Las Vegas was a surprising No. 10 on the list.

“Single men today are looking to take the road less traveled. They want to visit places filled with adventure, beautiful women, and exotic culture that will let them come back with legendary stories,” said James Bassil, AskMen's editor-in-chief.

With its tropical weather, exotic women, and over-the-top nightlife, it’s no surprise that Miami ranked high in AskMen's annual “Top 29 Cities for Men to Visit in 2011."

The Magic City came in third, just behind Barcelona and Buenos Aires, in the leading men's lifestyle website's list of the top "Mancation" locations, which was released Tuesday.


If single women were polled, they might have given a different opinion. So how did Miami make the list as the top spot in the country?

"This city is a world unto itself, blending the sophistication of a major U.S. metropolis with a Cancun-like spring-break vibe," the website said.


The list was compiled from polls taken by single men who were looking for adventure in new places.


Editors compiled the list after voting across categories that they thought would spark a single guy’s interest. They included "explorability," sports, food, nightlife, women, buzz, accommodations.

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