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We Ask Miami Heat Players: When Are Kids ‘Too Old' to See Their Parents Naked?

It’s a question most parents have considered, but wouldn’t dare discuss in public. We asked Miami Heat players: At what age is it no longer appropriate for children to see their parents naked?

Their answers were funny. Their immediate reactions were funnier.

A stunned Udonis Haslem was speechless. Chris Bosh burst out in laughter. Goran Dragic threw his head back and said, "My God!"

After a few seconds to think about it, they all came forth with different answers.

"I watch it from an early age," said Bosh. "Once they start putting it together, so about 2-and-a-half."

Otherwise, Bosh said, you might run into trouble if your child is talkative.

"They’ll be like, 'Yeah, I saw Daddy's privates,'" he said. "'What? What is going in your house?'"

Dragic said parents should avoid being nude around their children even sooner.

"One year old. But basically, I’m never naked next to the kids."

Amare Stoudemire, on the other hand, thinks parents can wait a little longer.

"When they get about 3 years old, that's when it's time to say, 'You know what, I need to cover up now.' If you have boys, you need to show them how to use the potty the proper way; other than that, you might want to give it up pretty soon," he advised.

Udonis Haslem said it depends on whethern you have boys or girls.

"I have boys and we have a big shower, so we shower together sometimes because it’s like five showers in one," he explained.

However, Haslem made it clear, "I would not go past birth for a girl."

Udonis then explained the unrelated reasons he’s afraid to have a daughter.

“If I had a daughter, by the time she's old enough to date, I'd be retired and have nothing else to do but follow her everywhere," Haslem said. "I’d hang out in the parking lot while she's at the movies. I’d get an apartment wherever she goes to college, down the street from campus. I don't want to do her like that."

And if Haslem does have a daughter, what young man wants those problems?

So what do you think? At what age do you think kids are "too old" to see their parents naked? Tweet us @nbc6 and tell us your thoughts!

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