ATM Stolen from Miami Beach Restaurant

Two people dressed in black managed to break into a Miami Beach restaurant Saturday and pulled an ATM from out of a window and into their car.

"I cant believe what happened," Omar Sanchez, owner, said. "This is incredible this can happen."

The owner of El Tablazo restaurant in Miami Beach says he got a call from police at 7 p.m. Saturday morning informing him that he and his wife's restaurant of more than 20 years had been broken into.

"We feel very very sad because we work very hard," Sanchez said.

The owner says that these suspects were able to break into the glass in order to get to the ATM that was bolted to the ground.

"The question is how someone can break a big window, tie an ATM machine hold the machine, the pole was broken and they have time to tie again, hold again, this is long time," Sanchez said.

The owner says the thieves managed to steal thousands of dollars and for some reason their alarm system didn't go off when they needed it to.

"We have an alarm, but it didn't sound and I don't know why," Elena Sanchez, owner, said.

The owners say they hope the surveillance video from the bakery next door to them can help lead police to an arrest.

"He was a tall guy 6 feet, you know with somebody else in a white truck and he had a lot of time, a lot of time," Elena Sanchez said.

Both owners hope the police investigation can find the person responsible for the damage.

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