Prosecutors and Guardian Ad-Litem Ask For One Trial in Barahona Case

The Barahonas have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges

Prosecutors and an attorney acting as a guardian for the surviving child in the case of a Miami couple accused of beating their adoptive daughter to death, asked a Miami-Dade Circuit Judge for one trial instead of two Tuesday.

"It's that simple," said Guardian Ad-Litem Attorney Frances Feinberg. "We object because it's more stress on the child, it's more trauma to the child, it's more depositions."

Prosecutors say Victor was starved, tortured and beaten by his adoptive parents,Carmen and Jorge Barahona, who are also accused of torturing and murdering Victor's twin sister, Nubia, inside their West Miami-Dade home.    

A defense attorney filed a motion asking the judge to try the co-defendants separately.

Victor's guardian ad litem attorney said two trials will further traumatize Victor, who lives in Texas with relatives.

"It means this child is going to have to travel more we just do not feel it's in the best interest of the child," said Feinberg.

Victor could also testify in the attempted murder case against Jorge Barahona in Palm Beach County.

The Barahonas have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges.

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