Audio Calls Released in Lauderhill Cop-On-Cop Shooting

Officer repeatedly screams for help after allegedly shot at by fellow officer

A Lauderhill Police officer is heard repeatedly screaming for help after a fellow officer allegedly opened fire on her in the radio calls of the incident released Thursday night.

Officer Brittny Skinner was working an off-duty security job at a shopping plaza in the 5500 block of West Oakland Park Boulevard Saturday night when the shots rang out.

"Um, I think somebody just shot at a cop over here," a caller is heard telling a 911 operator in one of the audio recordings released Thursday. "I'm at 56 and Oakland and we just heard like 5 or 4 gunshots at a police car, I believe."

What the caller heard was the 10 rounds which police say were fired by fellow Lauderhill cop and Skinner's ex-boyfriend, Kristopher Bieger, who unloaded his Glock pistol into Skinner's patrol car.

"Oh my God!" Skinner is heard screaming, as she calls the shooting into police dispatch moments after the shooting. "Have units respond over here, please please please!...I'm at 55 Oakland. Please help me!"

Only one of the shots struck Skinner, but her bullet-proof vest kept it from tearing through her.

"Oh god, oh god help me please! Please help me right now! Please God help me right now!" Skinner repeats.

With Skinner's police department up the street from the shopping center, less than a mile away, she decides to drive there.

"I'm driving to the P.D. now," Skinner says, before briefly losing her cool. "Just f---ing get to the f---ing station!"

As the dispatch works to get officers to the scene, Skinner continues to plead for help.

"Shots fired into my vehicle, please help me," she says.

Bieger was later found at a pizzeria in Davie, where a SWAT team swarmed in and took him into custody.

He was in court Monday, where he pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted first-degree murder and discharging a firearm from a vehicle.

Court documents said Bieger and Skinner had started dating two to three months ago but she broke up with him over the phone last week, because of his "controlling behavior" and "severe mood swings."

He did not take the rejection well and "began to cry uncontrollably," and "begged for her to not break up with him," according to the court documents.

Bieger, who has been on the force since 2006, has been suspended without pay.

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