Awning Repair Drags on for Months Until Call to NBC 6 Responds

Fernando Gomez says he thought a repair to a damaged awning on his patio would take a couple of weeks, but it wound up taking months. Gomez says his awnings offer a cooler place for him to enjoy a sunny day, but for the last six months one of his awning hasn’t worked.

“They had a salesman and he came out and they did all the measurements and all that and within 24-28 hours I would say we got the estimate and everything was good to go,” Gomez told us.

Gomez contracted with Jones Awning and Canvas, Inc. to re-cover an awning and reset its motor. He paid a 50% non-refundable deposit in December and says in early April the company came back to re-cover the awning.

It was then, he says, the company determined the awning would need a new motor.

“The motor came in and then they told us that it was the wrong motor, so they had to reorder the motor,” Gomez said.

When weeks went by without an update Gomez got worried.

“We were totally in the dark as to what the status of the project was,” Gomez said. “So we were pretty upset and frustrated.”

Weeks turned to months and that’s when he decided to call NBC 6 Responds.

“We called you and obviously we’ve gotten results,” Gomez said.

At the time Gomez called us, the project had already taken longer than the estimated 10-16 weeks.

When we looked online we found other frustrated customers complaining about delays.

One person wrote, “My elderly parents contracted them for an awning job over 6 months ago… It’s been 27 weeks and still Nothing!!!” and another wrote “Have been waiting since Nov. Of 2018.”

After NBC 6 Responds called the company, Gomez finally got a project update.

“Their manager called me right away and said we’re going to have a crew at your place tomorrow morning,” Gomez said.

The crew replaced the motor within days, but one thing was still missing.

“It needs a remote control to you know, run the motor,” Gomez said.

When we reached back out to Jones Awning and Canvas, Inc. about the delays a representative told us by email “I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customer and all the delays that occurred.”

Another representative told us distributors sent the incorrect remote but that within days it would delivered to Gomez’s home.

The awning repair didn’t happen as quickly as Gomez would have like, but it has taught him a valuable lesson.

“Read the reviews and make the down payment as small as possible. Right so you have some control over what they’re doing,” Gomez said.

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