Baby-Changing Stations Installed in the City of Miami Bathrooms

Frank Carollo more than a year ago are beginning to be installed throughout the city.

Baby-changing stations are being installed in men's and women's bathrooms throughout Miami.

The initiative was promised by Commissioner Frank Carollo over a year ago. The commissioner’s sponsored resolution, which was unanimously passed in February 2012, was able to raise the private funds needed to install the stations.

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“There is a segment of our community that we are leaving out,” Carollo said. “It is the mothers and fathers of young children. It is the grandmother or grandfather that takes their grandchildren to the park. We take our young kids to the park, yet if they need a diaper change instead of assuming that we can change them in a public bathroom, we have to get creative.”

Carollo said the resolution was inspired by his wife and 2-year-old daughter, Briana.

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He partnered with the organization Amigos for Kids, and received funding from corporations including United Health Care and FPL.

“What you are witnessing is a true public-private sector partnership for the betterment of our community,” said Carollo, who hopes to continue installing these baby-changing stations in the City of Miami. “Thank you for making the magic city more family friendly.”

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