Bad Humor Man: Nut Threatens Ice Cream Truck Over Tunes

Loud music leads to death threat: police

Unless you're eight years old or have a serious sweet tooth, the horrible, neverending music that comes blaring out of ice cream trucks annoys you to no end, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to threaten the driver.

One man over in Cape Coral found that out the hard way after he was arrested for threatening to kill his ice cream man, according to WBBH.

The aptly named Attila Kalmar, 32, was busted for assault and resisting arrest yesterday after he lost it over the merry music.

"Who told you to come here? Don't come back here or I'll shoot you in the [expletive] head!" Kalmar allegedly told the driver.

When police arrived on the scene, Kalmar told them he yelled at the driver because of the music he was playing.

As cops tried to detain Kalmar, they said he tried to flee but was caught a short time later.

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