Viral Bald Eaglet Rescued, Freed in Miami-Dade

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A bald eaglet was rescued in Miami-Dade Saturday after a livestream camera showed the young eagle had monofilament line around his feet, a potentially deadly situation, according to Zoo Miami.

The eaglet’s parents Ron and Rita became viral sensations as their lives have been livestreamed around the world for several months.

The livestream showed them building their nest in October 2021, laying their eggs just before Thanksgiving, and the first hatching on New Year’s Day. Millions have tuned in as the eagles raised their two chicks (R1 and R2).

R1 successfully flew from the nest several days ago and R2 was ready to go but Friday night the livestream showed a large quantity of monofilament line in the nest.

The line was possibly attached to a fish that the parents had brought in for food, according to a statement by Zoo Miami.

A Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team went up 85 feet to the nest where they were able to have the eaglet break the line and then take its first solo flight.

The effort was a collaboration between Wildlife Rescue of Dade County and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Monofilament line presents many dangers to native wildlife and Zoo Miami says it is important that it is properly disposed of and contained when not in use.

Credit: Ron Magill
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