Barge Spills Cargo Containers Into Waters Near Key Biscayne

Stacks of containers topple like dominoes after barge began listing

A total of 22 cargo containers fell into waters near Key Biscayne after a barge transporting goods to Guantanamo Bay began listing and the stacks of containers toppled over like dominoes, officials said.

The barge, Atlantic Trader, was delivering groceries and other household supplies to Guantanamo when it began listing, Port Everglades spokeswoman Ellen Kennedy said.

The U.S. Coast Guard said that five of the 22 containers had hazardous materials. The barge originated in Jacksonville. The incident occurred 18 miles east of Key Biscayne. Four containers have been recovered so far.

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The barge required a U.S. Coast Guard escort to Port Everglades, Kennedy said. But the Coast Guard sadi they didn't know why the barge was brought there.

Workers are expected to start the careful removal of the containers from the barge Tuesday afternoon, Kennedy said. The Coast Guard is actively searching for the containers that went into the water.

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