BaselTalk: The Resounding Resurrection of Ahol Sniffs Glue

Most plugged-in Miamians know the story of how Ahol Sniffs Glue was run down in cold blood by some hot-headed idjit on Biscayne Boulevard a few months back. Hell, if the packed house that showed at Shienbaum for the opening of Hit & Run, the majority know Ahol himself. Apparently though one resounding resurrection wasn’t enough for Ahol, because three months later the vivid Magic City visualist is back at Sheinbaum working a whole new twist. The exhibition is entitled "Snipers", and it was made possible with a little help from some very winning friends. It will also forever change the way you think of plushies. Really.

What’s a tough guy like you doin’ with all these plushies? That all goes back to my artist-friends and neighbors Desi and Mxytsplyk, who helped me after the accident in more ways than I can count. One of the main ways though was they introduced me to fabrics and taught me how to sew. At the time I was using a mobile app to chop up images I’d shot on my phone and they were getting a great response, so I wanted to take it further. Then I thought of turning these images into plushies. I was still pretty banged up and couldn’t really get around, and sewing was a good way to stay busy and keep me from going stir-crazy.

Sounds like you lucked out in the neighbor department, no? Desi and Splyk are awesome! They helped me out a lot and are great support group. They also are incredible talents. Mxytsplyk paints and Desi makes plushies and costumes under the guise eekbouteek.

Speaking of lucking-out, hasn’t gallerist Gregg Shienbaum also been integral to your continuing momentum? Gregg’s a great dude. Not only did he help me get a show going after my accident, he believes in my vision and has given me the green light to make weird shit like Snipers happen. I’m very thankful to be working with him.

Has anyone else been particularly important helping you pick up and keep the beat since the hit and run? Miami in general has been great to me. My crew SSK, my neighbors, and my brother have really been there for me supporting and helping me take ideas to new heights.

Would you also say that, all tolled, the hit and run itself ended up being a major plus? The accident was pretty shitty (just watch the video), but it really did change my life. My creativity and work ethic has been at an all time high ever since it happened. The accident also forced me to face the fact that you have to take advantage of every moment you get. If you’re gonna party; party hard. If you’re gonna grind; grind like it’s the last you’re ever gonna do. I love this hustle now more than ever.

Ahol Sniffs Glue’s “Snipers” runs through December 9th at Gregg Shienbaum Gallery. For more information log on here.

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