Bayside Observation Wheel Expected to Open in Coming Days

Skyviews Miami in downtown is almost ready to start spinning.

"We are very excited," said general manager Robert Soos.

He is going through the final steps of opening the observation wheel.

"It’s been three years coming, we’ve got a few steps to traverse with the zoning department and it will be cleared to open," he said.

The attraction was scheduled to open around the beginning of March, just when COVID-19 cases in the country began to increase. The opening never happened.

Instead, Soos’ team would spend the next seven months figuring out how to make the ride safe for the public.

"We’ve got our COVID-19 program approved by the county and we’re going to be extra uber cautious," Soos said.

He told NBC 6 every employee and guest must wear a mask. He also added that the team will be sanitizing high touch areas often during the day.

Each car can hold up to eight people, however Soos said during the pandemic, every party will have their own car. Which means, if you come by yourself, you will get a car to yourself.

"If you’re going to get in a vehicle with other family members and drive from one place up in Miami to another, you would be just as safe in the gondolas because were sanitizing after every use," Soos said.

He is hoping the wheel will get cleared to open within the next few days. If that happens, he said the grand opening will be this weekend for people to enjoy.

"It’s an iconic waterfront view point and the view from 180-feet up is absolutely spectacular."

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