David Beckham

Beckham Provides Positive Update on MLS in Miami

David Beckham stated that announcements are forthcoming in regards to an MLS team in Miami

Progress on a Major League Soccer team in Miami has been slow, but announcements are coming soon David Beckham told EOnline.

Beckham was in Miami last February to announce his plans to bring a MLS team to Miami. Since then, there has not been much in the way of positive news. Finding a stadium site has proven to be a difficult task but Beckham does not appear to be down on his plans.

"We're pretty close to announcing certain things and then the stadium will come after that," Beckham said.

While Beckham didn't expand on what exactly will be announced, it is a good sign that there is any kind of momentum. MLS will not approve an expansion team in Miami under a stadium deal is completed. 

"You can't build a stadium overnight, so finding the right site, finding the right place in Miami is important for us. But it will all start coming together pretty quickly and everything will start happening pretty soon," Beckham added.

Among the sites that were mentioned for a stadium were Dodge Island at PortMiami. The idea fell apart when local businesses opposed it however. Another plan had a stadium being placed in Museum Park. Local residents however fought this idea and it too fell apart.

Early in the process, putting the stadium next to Marlins Park was also considered. This idea never went far due to Beckham's partner Simon Fuller being against it. With the failures in other locations, it is possible that the Marlins Park plan could resurface.

The original hope was to have a team ready to play by the 2017 MLS season. It remains to be seen how soon a team could play if a stadium deal is indeed secured.

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