Beer Sphere Makes Super Bowl Debut in Miami

Man's invention wins him Bud Light's tailgate award

Dan Klavoon is your typical 21-year-old. He likes drinking beer and playing football, but he never thought those two pastimes would get him out of freezing Lockport, NY, and down to sunny Miami for the Super Bowl.

Klavoon will be on his way to the Magic City in February, thanks to his award-winning invention, the Beer Sphere.

"I just thought of two things that people do a lot and that's pretty much drink beer and throw around a football," Klavoon told WGRZ in Buffalo.

The Beer Sphere is nothing short of genius: a small compartment, cut into the middle of a football perfectly holds a 12-ounce can of beer, which can then be thrown to a friend.

"Twist off the top, throw a beer in, twist it back up and toss it to your buddy and he's got himself a cold one," Klavoon explains.

Thanks to the "Tailgate Tested, Tailgate Approved" contest from Bud Light, Klavoon's on his way to Super Bowl XLIV.

Klavoon entered the invention into an online contest, finishing second to the Band-o-Beer. But judges determined the Ban-o-Beer was a copy of another design, and the Beer Sphere took top honors, earning Klavoon tickets to the big game.

The Beer Sphere beat out the Tummy Table, which allows for a food and drink holding table to go around a belly, and the BeerMobile, a cooler with wheels.

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