Bicyclist Struck and Killed in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Police investigators have opened a DUI investigation into an accident that took the life of a bicyclist over the weekend.

The crash left the SUV’s windshield smashed and police believe the driver, Justin Andrew Goldman, was drunk and left the scene of the accident. Goldman’s father said that’s not the case.

“He didn’t flee. He did pull over. He was just in shock,” Christopher Goldman said.

Bicyclist Daniel Mocker was killed in the collision. Police investigators said Mocker was riding in the designated bike lane on Federal Highway at the time of the accident.

FLPD said Justin Goldman veered into the bike lane and hit Mocker, who ended up on the hood of Goldman’s SUV.

“The driver continued traveling northbound. The bicyclist then fell off the hood of the vehicle and into the roadway,” said FLPD Detective Deanna Greenlaw. “We have an eyewitness that observed everything that took place.”

Mocker was declared dead at the scene.

Goldman’s father said it was Mocker who was at fault in the accident.

“The bike rider was not in the bike lane; he actually cut left right in front of him,” said Christopher Goldman. “He said he could not even believe it happened and he is sick to his stomach over this.”

Police said Goldman pulled over about five blocks after the crash. At the time of the collision, a man who witnessed the crash followed the younger Goldman and called 911.

“He did not necessarily take matters into his own hands; but made sure to have a good observation point, to provide information to us and to ultimately positively identify this driver involved,” Detective Greenlaw said.

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