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Biden's Handling of the Economy Amid Pandemic 100 Days Into Presidency

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Pamela Martinez saw the doors to her livelihood totally shut because of the pandemic. As an event and party organizer and decorator, she had no work beginning in March of 2020 but she turned her warehouse into a supply of new ideas. 

Martinez came up with the idea of crafting surprise breakfasts to help celebrate special occasions during the lockdown. Then she began crafting balloon bouquets for baby showers and birthdays for those stuck at home without a celebration.

“Anything to generate money just to survive,” Martinez said.

Helping people celebrate during the shutdown kept her working, but since money was not the same in her household, stimulus checks have been a big help. Martinez used part of the money for her business and the other part for her family to help with rent payments. 

The American Rescue Plan offered her more relief with the boost of the Child Tax Credit that authorizes payments of up to $3,600 to eligible families with minor children.

“This year, that was very good news," said Martinez, a divorced mother of two.

The plan advanced by President Joe Biden focuses on direct benefits for low-income Americans rather than on businesses and it is expected to help women and minorities in particular who were severely impacted by the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic 

“Corporate America did just fine the last recession but this recession, President Biden learned from President Obama and his team..this time it needed to be much more targeted and it needed to go more towards families than the private sector," said Mike Hernandez, Political Analyst for Telemundo 51. 

The rescue plan, which includes many more aspects of recovery, comes with a very high price tag and Biden hopes his first 100 days will pay off in two years.

For the first time since the pandemic, there are signs of confidence among consumers. A recent Gallup poll found that 57 percent of Americans trust President  Biden’s handling of the economy.

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