Billion Dollar Power Surge

FPL wants to jack up its rates

It might be time to break out the candles and oil lanterns.

FPL, which owns a virtual monopoly on power in South Florida, wants to jack up its rates on customers to the tune of $1 billion a year starting Jan. 1.

The Public Services Commission would have to approve the rate hike, but customers should probably start stocking up on matches and flammable materials.

In a press release, FPL stated customers could actually save $5 a month if their request is granted. The release didn't include the fuzzy math used to come up with that conclusion. Estimates say FPL's proposal would increase the average customer's utility bills by $12.40 per month.

News of the proposal got a double "Wow" from Charlie Beck, consumer advocate for the Office of Public Counsel.

"This is the biggest rate increase I have ever seen requested by a utility in Florida. This is really something," Beck told the Miami Herald

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