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The House Theatre of Chicago returns to Miami with the first binge watching theatre experience The Hammer Trilogy, performing at The Carnival Studio Theater inside the Ziff Ballet Opera House at The Arsht Center. Photos by Jipsy

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The Hammer Trinity will be performed on the weekends starting April 2nd until May 8, 2016. Photos by Jipsy
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Welcoming the audience, Elizabeth Wallace, Vice President of Programming. Photos by Jipsy
The House Theatre of Chicago’s co-founders are honored by Adrienne Arsht Center with an award for their continuous collaboration. Photos by Jipsy
"Friends and family will be filtering throughout the run of the show" tells us House Theatre of Chicago cast member and Miami native Patrick Falcon. "We'll have succeeded if we get one 'dale' from the house. We encourage that!". Photos by Jipsy
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"This idea of gathering in a space as diverse an audience as possible, hearing a story, participating in a story and laughing and crying, cheering and booing at all the same parts, there's something good about that." shares Nathan Allen. Photos by Jipsy
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"People who see the marathon that were just genuinely loved the show. There's something about binge watching right now, that's kinda what this is. It's really an amazing experience!" shares Kevin Stangler who portrays Casper Kent in The Hammer Trilogy, Photos by Jipsy
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A scene from The Hammer Trilogy, Part One: The Iron Stag King. Photos by Jipsy
Part 1 of The Hammer Trilogy follows Casper Kent portrayed by Kevin Stangler (left) on a quest to lift the magical Hammer. Photos by Jipsy
A scene from The Hammer Trilogy, Part One: The Iron Stag King. Photos by Jipsy
A scene from The Hammer Trilogy, Part One: The Iron Stag King. Photos by Jipsy
Day passes for The Hammer Trinity are $150 for all three parts. Photos by Jipsy
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A scene from The Hammer Trilogy, Part One: The Iron Stag King. Photos by Jipsy
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Audiences won't go more than 65 minutes without a break. Photos by Jipsy
There are 7 acts, 6 ½ hours of play, and 3 hours of breaks. Photos by Jipsy
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In between those breaks an onsite certified trainer will be offering stretching classes for free. Photos by Jipsy
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The three part fantasy play and an all-day theatrical adventure The Hammer Trilogy will performed at The Carnival Studio Center from April 2 until May8, 2016. Photos by Jipsy
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The 16 foot dragon voiced by Tony Award-winning actor and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tracy Letts. Photos by Jipsy
A scene from Part Two: The Crownless King. Photos by Jipsy
The Hammer Trinity is designed as binge watching theater and a social experience. Photos by Jipsy
A scene from Part Two: The Crownless King.. Photos by Jipsy
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Behind the dragon, cast members John Henry Roberts, Jeremy Sonkin, and Patrick Falcon. Photos by Jipsy
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This is the fifth production from The House to find a home with the Arsht Center. For more information on The House Theatre of Chicago visit www.thehousetheatre,com. Photos by Jipsy
The Hammer Trinity is part of the Closing the Arsht Center’s 2015 - 2016 Theater Up Close Series. Photos by Jipsy
A scene from Part Three: The Excelsior King. Photos by Jipsy
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