South Florida

Biscayne Bay's Stiltsville Homes Intact After Hurricane Irma

The seven remaining houses in South Florida’s Stiltsville withstood the destructive winds and rain from Hurricane Irma. The colorful bungalows on the edge of the pristine Biscayne Bay were not decimated as the category 4 storm slammed South Florida.

The cluster of homes sustained damage to docks and railings, according to Biscayne National Park’s Twitter page. Only one of the houses had roof damage.

“All 7 Stiltsville houses are standing strong,” the park wrote in a tweet.

South Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen also tweeted a photo of the houses during a Coast Guard aerial tour of the damage in the area. She wrote in a tweet, “Found the silver lining in #Stiltsville still standing.”

The non-profit organization Stiltsville Trust will work on repairing the iconic structures that date back to the 1930s.

Throughout the decades, the middle-of-the-ocean neighborhood was a popular tourist spot. By the 1960’s, as many as 27 structures stood tall until many were totaled by hurricanes, fires and other incidents.

Stiltsville is accessible only by water. The public can access the homes by permit only.

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