Andrew Pestano

Black Bear Spotted in Homestead Neighborhood

A black bear was seen in a Homestead neighborhood, leading police to urge caution from residents.

The Homestead Police Department said the bear was first reported Thursday at about 1:30 a.m. by an Oasis development resident.

Officers spotted a bear that was about four-feet tall walking between backyards.

"According to responding officers the bear was not aggressive. Officers tracked the bear on its tour through suburbia, generally keeping their vehicles between themselves and the animal estimated to weigh about 200 pounds and contacted residents near where the bear had been, and asked neighborhood associations to send out email alerts," the Homestead Police Department said in a statement. "The bear eluded officers early in the morning before a state wildlife crew could arrive."

The bear was seen numerous times throughout the early morning. The bear was also seen late Thursday night, also wandering through a Homestead backyard.

Police patrols have been increased in the area.

"The area of concern is from SW 312th Street (Campbell Drive) south to SW 328th Street (Lucy Street) and SW 152nd Ave east to SW 137th Ave," police added.

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