Black Friday Frenzy in South Florida

Shoppers started early and mall employees were ready for the long day.

Sleepless shoppers at Dolphin Mall toted their loads on shoulders and wheels as night disappeared into dawn Friday morning.

Herma Kahn bought clothes: a dress for her mother, plus socks and pajamas for relatives back in the Netherlands. She stuffed it all into a brand new suitcase, and she still wasn't done with her shopping.

"We have to shop shop shop 'til we drop," she said, laughing. Toys were on her list next.

Customers fueled up on coffee, while others paused for cat naps in a chair, or on the floor. Some shoppers carted around sleeping children along with their merchandise.

"It's a struggle," admitted Stephanie Hinds, who works at a clothing store. "We have to be here so we don't get to enjoy our holidays. I had to leave my family, but it was okay... we had dinner early."

More like Thanksgiving lunch for some. Hinds was scheduled for an 18 1/2-hour shift.

Dolphin Mall opened at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, with workers coming in as early as 4 a.m.

"You have to make the sacrifice, right?" Hinds said.

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