Black Lives Matter Rally in South Florida Following Tragic Week

Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward held a demonstration against police violence Saturday in Fort Lauderdale.

Saturday afternoon, South Florida community activists were holding their signs, sharing their voices and coming together with heavy hearts after a rough week of shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

"It's so close I have family in Louisiana who actually knew the person who was selling CD's and this something that could be in our backyard and we need to wake up and realize that we are that closer to being a hashtag," said an rally organizer.

Those walking across this bridge say they are fed up with the loss of life, so it's time to get to work and raise awareness in South Florida.

The peaceful demonstration took place at Stranahan Park located at 10 E Broward Blvd in Fort Lauderdale.

"It's love out here. Everybody is happy and peaceful, it's not something that we are coming to tear another race down,"  said the organizer.

Event organizers add that the rally was a strictly a non-violent, non-combative event. Legal aids, police liaisons, folks leading the rally, and people trained to monitor the surroundings will be present.

Organizers say our country is on edge and one protester says she sees what it's doing to young people everyday: "Being a teacher in the public school system I'm seeing how the system is damaging self esteem. Anyone of these people could be our students or our men."

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