Bloody Scene After Dog Attacks Hialeah Man's Cat, and He Grabs Machete-Style Knife

The dog and Luciano Molina's cat both had to be euthanized

Luciano Molina says a stray dog’s attack on him and his cat all happened so fast. After he grabbed a machete-style knife, it ended with blood splattered everywhere.

Late Monday night Molina stepped outside his home at 282 E. 45th St. in Hialeah to check on his cat. He noticed a pit bull mix he had never seen before and his cat Guarda sitting peacefully on the porch staying out of the rain.

Then out of nowhere, he said, the dog attacked his cat.

"He don’t turn loose my cat. I’m punching him in the head, I tried to knock it with my hand, nothing,” said the 70-year-old man, speaking with blood on his body and face afterward. “I fight with the dog, the dog fight with me. Tried to bite me."

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At that point Molina ran back into his house to grab a knife to save his cat. The dog followed inside, and after a bit of a struggle, the Hialeah Fire Department said, he stabbed the dog and the attack came to a bloody end.

"Look that’s the finish right there!" Molina said, pointing to a large amount of blood on his floor.

He suffered a few bites on the hand and was treated on the scene by the Hialeah Fire Department.

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But both of the animals ended up dead. Miami-Dade Animal Services retrieved the dog, but couldn’t find an owner for him and had to euthanize him.

Guarda survived the night, but because of her severe injuries, she had to be put to sleep.

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Molina and his wife, Elba Molina, said they feel horrible for both their cat and the dog.

“We both feel very sad, and very disappointed,” Elba Molina said.

"It was a disaster,” Luciano Molina said. “Big disaster."

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