Blundering Bank Robber Arrested for Attempt

Surveillance video of a feeble robbery attempt led to the arrest of Sarah Epstein

Hollywood Police

Sarah Epstein wasn't much of a bank robber, but Hollywood police arrested her anyway.

The 31-year-old woman was read her rights Tuesday after she attempted to rob a Hollywood bank on March 11. Epstein's failed attempt at robbing a bank was a lesson in what not to do if you want to succeed. She took no for an answer.

Police said Epstein walked into the BB&T bank wearing sunglasses and a black hoodie and slid a bank teller a note telling her to hand over some cash. Standard bank robbing procedure, but then it all went south.

Epstein yelled,  "Show me your hands." The teller told her to kick rocks (so to speak). And so Epstein turned around empty handed and walked out of the bank.

Cops eventually caught up with Epstein after looking at surveillance footage of her leaving the bank in a car missing a front hubcap.

Epstein put up as much a fight during the arrest as she did in the bank. She confessed immediately to the crime.

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