Boat Pulled to Shore After Capsizing in Pompano Beach

No one injured after choppy waters flip boat near shore

What should have been a leisurely day out on the boat turned into a workout for those pulling and tugging at a small but heavy vessel that capsized in Pompano Beach Sunday afternoon.

"The boat was starting to sink, they all jumped off the boat. The boat went down right off shore there," said Brad Burner, who watched the struggle on the water.

The 19-foot boat lost the battle to the choppy waters about 30 yards offshore near the 1000 block of North Ocean Boulevard. Janine Keish and her boyfriend were walking along the beach when they say the boat's passengers jump off. 

"My boyfriend and I jumped into the water and help pull everyone out and pull their stuff out," Keish said.

The Broward Sheriff's Office responded. Seatow was also standing by just in case. It appeared the group had a plan. With some rope, a little and a little elbow grease, they used a pick-up truck to haul the boat closer to land.

"They're just trying to get it out of the water, without it costing too much money. They're manually pulling it in," said Keish.

Though there were some material losses, no one was injured.

"Some of their stuff is at the bottom of the ocean, but everyone was safe, thank goodness," Keish said. "An exciting day on Pompano Beach."

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