Caught On Tape! Boca Otter Bites Third Victim

A dog and two people have already been attacked in the same neighborhood

William Gibbons has become the third person to be attacked by an otter in suburban Boca Raton, but unlike the others, his incident was captured on a camera phone.

Gibbons was locked out of his parents' home near Yamato Road and 441 when he spied the otter in a lake that borders the backyard.

"I went around to the backyard and saw an otter laying in the grass," he said. "I began observing the otter, and it came out of the water and bit me."

The whole thing was caught on tape -- along with a bit of profanity, so please be forewarned:

Gibbons received a number of precautionary shots after the attack, as animal control authorities suspect the otter's aggressive behavior may be related to an infection.

A dog and two other people have already been on the business end of an otter -- possibly the same one -- in the same neighborhood, and animal control are working to trap the culprit and have him tested.

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