Boca Raton Man Charged With Stalking for Throwing Trash Onto Other Man's Lawn for 7 Months

Glenn Kassal was charged with simple stalking for throwing the garbage onto another man's lawn.

A Boca Raton man was charged with simple stalking after police say he repeatedly threw trash on another man's lawn for seven months.

Glenn Elliot Kassal, 60, was arrested Saturday when police saw him throw two plastic cups from his driver's side window onto the lawn of Richard Templer, who lives on the 1200 block of Spanish River Road.

Officers had received complaints before from Templer, who had captured footage of Kassal driving his grey Mercedes driving past Templer's home and throwing the plastic cups onto Templer's lawn.

When Kassal was arrested, he admitted to driving past Templer's home for the past seven months after going to get coffee and throwing his cups onto Templer's lawn, police said.

Kassal told police he started throwing the cups onto Templer's lawn because at some point Kassal had been walking his dog down Spanish River Road and Templer made derogatory and offensive comments towards him. Officers noted in a police report that Kassal lives on the 7300 block of East Country Club Boulevard which is several miles north of Templer's home.

Police said Kassal's daughter Kapiolani would join her father on some of these trips. She told police Kassal would drive to that neighborhood to get coffee, and each time he would pass by Templer's home and throw the cups on his lawn without saying a word.

Jail records show Kassal was released the same day on $500 bond. He was also cited for not wearing a seat belt and traveling in the wrong direction.

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