Body Found Chopped Up in Cement Mix

Bucket filled with body parts and cement found behind Fort Lauderdale diner

The remains of a man were found over the weekend chopped up in a bucket that was filled with cement in a canal in Fort Lauderdale, police said Tuesday.

The bits and pieces of human body parts found in the cement will be hard to identify, but cops said they believe they have the shoe and prescription glasses the male victim was wearing.

Police said the victim was a white male, between 5'8" to six feet tall, and wore a size 10 New Balance sneaker. A pair of metal rimmed glasses were also found at the scene.

The body was weight down with cement with the intent of sinking it to the bottom of the canal, mafia style, investigators said. They stopped short of saying this may have been a mob hit.

On Saturday, the bucket containing the human remains washed up near Northeast 26 Street and Federal Highway behind a local diner, Egg and U.

Police would not say what body parts were found in the cement mix, but they are still searching the canal for more parts.

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