Bomb Squad Defuses Box Full of Kittens

Box left outside Social Security Office contained kittens, not a bomb

It's a good thing a central Florida bomb squad didn't detonate a suspicious box left in front of a building Friday.

It was filled with cuddly kittens.

Employees at a Cocoa Beach Social Security office called 911 to report a "suspicious package" was left on their doorstep with no postage or address.

The bomb squad quickly suited up and headed to the scene to defuse the situation. Once they arrived on scene, specialists found a box slightly stirring. There was no "tick-tock," but a different familiar sound. Meow.

A quick examination by the experts determined the box's contents was about to explode - with cute and cuddliness. Inside were two kittens, which the bomb squad manual states is more dangerous to a ball of yarn than to an office building.

One of the frightened kittens ran away and hasn't been found. We don't blame it. It was about two seconds from being blown to bits like this poor pony.

The other will be taken to an animal shelter.

Thank goodness the fur didn't fly in this situation.

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