Hotel Staffer Calls in Fake Bomb Threat for Day Off

A custodian called in a bomb threat because he wanted a day off

For all those slackers out there, it is important to note that calling in a bomb threat is not the most appropriate way to get a day off - unless by day off you mean jail time.

Coral Gables Police claim a custodial employee at the Biltmore Hotel called in a bomb threat from his office Monday morning so that he could have an extended weekend.

Thomas Hudnall, 62, was arrested and charged with false report of explosive/weapons of mass destruction.

During the 911 call, a caller said there was a bomb in the Biltmore and then yelled "Death to all Jews" before hanging up. We're not sure if the last part was to make the bomb threat more believable, but it didn't work. The building was never evacuated.

Police traced the call in the hotel to the executive chef's office and then looked at surveillance camera's and realized Hudnall was there the same time the call was placed. Hudnall admitted to the call after being questioned and said he just wanted the day off.

Here's a tip: use a vacation day.

The Biltmore said Hudnall had never been in trouble before or faced disciplinary action.

"The actions of Mr. Hudnall are deplorable; however it never posed any credible threat," the execs at Biltmore said in a statement. "We are shocked and saddened by his actions but are confident that it was an isolated situation."

It looks like Hudnall will have all the days off he wants now. He's been fired.

Editor's Note: An earlier report erroneously stated the hotel chef made the phone call, but the call was actually made from the executive chef's office.

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