Boy Bitten by Shark Gets Special Visit to Miami Seaquarium

The Weiskopf family from Minnesota was swimming in the water this past weekend when nine-year-old Jay was attacked

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After a terrifying encounter with a shark on South Beach, a nine-year-old boy recovering from his injuries was given a chance to get acquainted with sea life during a visit to Miami Seaquarium on Wednesday.

Jay Weiskopf was all smiles during the visit, which included getting up close and personal with some animals like the dolphins.

"He would splash and splash and splash," Jay said.

Jay's parents are happy to see him closer to a return to normal.

"We don't want him to be afraid," said his mother Kristen.

The family from Minnesota was swimming in the water this past weekend when Jay was attacked by a small gray shark. Kristen Weiskopf said the family was swimming together in water that was waist deep.

"At the time, I was in mom mode where it didn’t even register the severity," she said. "All I was focused on was getting him help."

The family has spent most of their vacation in the hospital, but doctors say Jay is on the road to recovery.

"The doctors say that even in just a few weeks, he will be back to full active little boy he always is," Kristen said.

Jay's father said his son was asking them to warn other children even after he was attacked.

"Even though he was going through this traumatic event, he was still concerned about other kids," said Ren Weiskopf.

The family will return to Minnesota on Thursday, but say Jay has already talked about taking surfing lessons in the future.

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