12-Year-Old Boy Shot in Leg Inside Home: Miami-Dade Police

A Miami-Dade home was riddled with bullets overnight and a 12-year-old boy was caught in the crossfire.

Miami-Dade Police were on the scene investigating shortly after midnight. Police say about 13 shell casings were seen by the home near southwest 132nd avenue and 278th street.

Damian Escovedo, 12, had been in Miami with family since Monday. The boy's family says he was visiting from Tampa and was just sitting on the couch watching television when multiple bullets came flying in through the sliding glass doors.

"It got crazy. I grabbed the little kid and I took him down the hallway because he got shot," said a family friend, inside the home during the shooting. "Bullets went right by my face. Right by face as soon it happened, I just ducked down and I ran."

During the chaos the boy ended up getting shot twice in the leg.

"He wasn't even paranoid. he wasn't screaming. He didn't know he got shot until I told him you got shot," said the family friend.

According to Miami-Dade Police, Escovedo was transported to Kendall Regional Hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to be okay.

Authorities have not released what was the motive behind this drive by shooting or who they're searching for. Meanwhile, neighbors are stunned.

"Scary, it's scary because he had nothing to do with it. He's innocent," said Yami, a neighbor who heard the gunshots.

This is a developing story, check back with NBC 6 for updates.

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