British Teen Found With Drugs in Cake Mix Boxes Gets Bond

A judge gave Ayesha Niles $505,000 bond on Friday

A judge gave the British teen who faces cocaine trafficking charges a $505,000 bond on Friday.

On Oct. 21,  Ayesha Niles the British teen was on her way home to London from Jamaica when custom agents stopped her at Miami International Airport, authorities said.

Authorities said they found almost 30 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase, which were hidden inside empty cake boxes.

Niles was 17 years old when she was arrested and turned 18 while in jail. However, she will be charged as an adult due to the serious nature of the drug trafficking charge and the amount of cocaine she was carrying, prosecutors said.

Niles claimed she didn't know what the substance was but said “she suspected that the activity she was involved in was suspicious but she did not question it,” according to a Miami Dade Police report.

Her next hearing is scheduled for Nov. 7.

Her attorney's name wasn't immediately known.

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