Broward Cat Killer Caught, Miami-Dade's Still at Large

The food chain, not a copy cat serial killer, doomed 16 Broward cats

Put away your C.S.I. kits, that Sherlock Holmes novel and your "How to spot a serial cat killer" profile manual. The Broward County cat killer has been captured.

Chances are your kid probably guessed it right. It was a dog.

Animal control officials caught one of the suspects Tuesday, a pitbull mix, and sent him to the pound. He has three or four other buddies in his posse that the officers are trying to round up. They will all likely be put down.

Still, officials have not completely ruled out the idea that some human has been seeking out cats and mutilated the felines. But necropsies are expected to show that the cats' mortal enemies were the true culprit.

With the mystique of the Broward cat killer now gone, the eyes of the cat owner world shift back to Miami-Dade, where the original cat killer is still on the loose and claimed two more victims over the weekend.

The body count is now 28 skinned and mutilated cats and unless dogs have developed opposable thumbs and immaculate culinary skills, the perpetrator is undoubtedly a human.

The reward for info on the Miami-Dade killings has fluctuated from $10,000 to $12,500

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