Broward County May Reconsider Uber Rules

After ten days without Uber, it looks like Broward County is trying to compromise to bring the ride-sharing company back to town.

Living without Uber is an inconvenience for many in Broward County, but for Rachel Levy, it means a dicey walk after work.

"I walk 7-8 blocks and I hold my purse really tight sometimes whenever someone passes by, it's late. You never know what may happen," Levy said.

She works at Gulfstream Park as a server, and literally walks a half mile south to cross into Miami-Dade County to call an Uber car, because she can't call one outside the casino in Broward.

"I'm going tomorrow and plan to do the same thing, just everyday hope I make it to the Uber car," Levy expressed.

Her story is one of 1,000 stories Broward County Commissioners are hearing from locals via email, an overwhelming majority disappointed Uber is gone.

"They've become emotional about not having a transportation network company in their lives, as if they've lost a family member," said Commissioner Chip LaMarca.

"I think the public believes we overreached and made rules that are too burdensome," Commissioner Mark Bogen added.

Proposals will be considered by the commission on Tuesday that could bring Uber back.

One proposal drops the need for fingerprinting, and allows Uber to handle background checks instead of the county, something Uber fought for earlier this year and lost. A third proposal calls for a website where taxi drivers could be rated by customers.

"The taxi industry needs some cleanup. They need to raise their standards and one would've thought that knowing the transportation network companies are coming to Broward that the taxi industry would've cleaned themselves up on their own. That's not happening," said Commissioner Stacy Ritter.

Levy worries if Uber doesn't come back, she may have to find a new job, "Right now I'm thinking about leaving my job. It's not worth it, the money I'm spending to get there."

Uber Spokesperson Bill Gibbons released the following statement to NBC 6 on Monday:

"We're encouraged by recent progress in our discussions with some Commissioners and are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to work toward a solution that restores access to safe, reliable transportation options in Broward County."

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