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Broward County Sheriff Angry Over Lack of Funds in Budget For Department

What to Know

  • Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was angry over what he feels is a lack of funds for his department following the escape of an inmate.

While members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office continued their search for a missing inmate who escaped Friday morning, the top cop in the county called the incident “his worst nightmare” since taking over.

Sheriff Scott Israel spent the first minutes of an afternoon press conference not updating the latest in the search for Dayonte Resiles, a 22-year-old awaiting trial for murder, but instead saying how the incident shows the need for more money toward his department from the county.

Israel says that BSO receives an insufficient amount of funds as part of the county’s budget, saying the county believes his job is to “save money”, while saying he is trying to “save lives”.

Broward County Mayor Marty Kiar responded to Israel’s comments, saying he is “confident that when we enact our budget for the next fiscal year, it will be a budget that the Sheriff could utilize to keep our residents safe."

"Our only focus at this time should be on capturing the escaped inmate and ensuring the safety of the public," Kiar said in a statement. "Once he has been captured and public safety restored, a full investigation will be done, all of the facts collected and we will determine how and why this occurred and take any corrective action that is necessary."

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