Broward County Warns Swimmers About Water at 4 Beaches

Repeat samples failed the standard for enterococci bacteria

Broward County is warning swimmers not to go in the water at four beaches after high levels of enterococci bacteria were found in samples.

The county said advisory signs have been posted at Dania Beach, Custer Street Beach, Harrison Street and Hallandale Beach Boulevard after repeat samples failed the state standard for enterococci bacteria, which are “normally present in human intensines and in the female genital tract,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The bacteria are often found in the environment, the CDC says.

Swimmers could get gastroenteritis, the Broward County Health Department said, and people who go in the water may have an increased risk of getting an infectious disease, the Florida Department of Health says.

The initial samples were taken Tuesday, and the follow-up samples on Thursday.

The advisory signs will remain up at the beaches until samples meet the acceptable standard, the Broward County Health Department said.

New results will be available Monday afternoon at

Eleven of the 15 beaches the department tested met the standard.

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